Friday, December 27, 2013

December Bark Box

We just got around to opening our box tonight. Daisy had lots of presents to open this month, so I am trying to spread them out.  This is what happens when she plays with all her toys...
She even brought her food dish to play with her friends!
Back to bark box...

I love that the treats they pack are for pups, but look like stuff I want to snack on!
We played fetch for an hour with these two stuffies. 


  1. Pawsome bark box!! You are so lucky to get even more pressies

    Loveys Sasha

  2. Wow...more paw some!

  3. Now THAT is how our toys are supposed to look... all spread out so that you can easily chews which one to play with.. Excellent distribution.
    NICE Bark Box selection.

  4. Daisy you gots the toy thing down, bites has all his 30 tennis balls all over the living room, he says "A Scottie just has to have stuff available at all times, never know when someone will play"

    The Mad Scots

  5. We like to keep ours all spread out too! Happy fetching! Lee and Phod