Sunday, December 15, 2013

10 Months Old

Daisy is 10 months and 1 day old today!  I didn't post this yesterday because we were at my cousin's college graduation - yippee!

At 10 months, Daisy-
~Weighs 17.5 pounds
~Had a Thanksgiving Vacation with her favorite friends at the vet's office
~Is a big fan of Christmas Cookies
~Now pushes chairs to the counter so she can get a snack when no one's around
~Threw up behind the Christmas tree because she had too many counter snacks
~Loves to play fetch with squeaky toys not tennis balls
~Sent out Christmas Cards for the first time
~Is getting eleventy billion Christmas Cards from her blog friends
~Went to Petsmart shopping for the first time to get gifts
~Met Santa Paws (very scary)
~~Cuddles up on my lap while I read
~Has not taken one ornament off the tree
~Checked out all the Christmas decorations and helped put them up
~Has a party with any box she comes across and turns it into confetti


  1. not much longer and you will be having your first birthday !

  2. Happy ten months old and welcome to doggie adolescence. Gosh, even I, Dexter the Wonder Dog was a bit of a hellion during those months, so watch out!


  3. Well after seeing that list, she is on her way to being one outstanding Wheaten Scottie, good job Daisy, can't wait for your one year barkday bash!

    The Mad Scots

  4. Happy 10 months mile marker. You have accomplished many wonderful achievements and I hope the next two months are just as pawesome.

    Aroo to you,

  5. You go girl. Happy 10 months and counting.

  6. Daisy, you have grown into a wonderful scottie dog! I'm looking forward to the cookie recipe exchange! I put it up on my blog today and when Sarge read it he said he would put it on the Blogville calendar.

  7. Sounds like a fun 10 months to us!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Have a Happy Day! You are not 175 pounds

  9. Daisy you have been very busy. We thinks you are such a cutie pootie! You and gussie are the same age did you know that.
    stella rose