Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Catching Up

Before we start our catching up post, Daisy and I want to send {{{hugs & kisses}}} to Greta's family at Idaho Pug Ranch.  Greta crossed the bridge today after eating poisonous mushrooms.  She will be so missed in Blogville.   Remember Greta's dynamite digging skills?!
Part of our catching up this afternoon involved the "So You Think You Can Dig Contest" from August.  Daisy and I have a little something for each contestant that will go in the mail tomorrow.

We are also {so embarrassingly behind} in thanking the Crabby Girls ~ Beachnut, Oceana, and Sheldon for the amazing box of goodies!!!  Daisy suggested "Davy Jones" for their new dog sculpture and it won!  They rushed our prize box to us and it was delivered sometime during the new patio extravaganza.  Daisy was phoning in her posts and then I went on vacation.  So, we are now delighted to show off our loot!  Thank you, B, O, and S!  We hope you have a snappy day!



  1. Looks like ya got some pawsome stuff Daisy!

  2. Go for the treat ball! Great prize....and a great name for the statue.

  3. that was a wonderful box of goodies from the crabby girls.

  4. You are SO right... that Greta could dig like a Dachshund. We are gonna MISS that girl.

    OMD look at the LOOT that The Crabby girrrrls sent to you. You SCORED big time.

  5. She was one good digger!
    Wow you got a lot of loot.
    Stella Rose

  6. Wow, what grreat prizes! I suggested Davy Jones too, you know. Great minds think alike! BOL.

  7. Congratulations on you loot and you look mighty pretty in dat scarf.

  8. Look at all that good stuff!
    Lily & Edward

  9. Thank you so much for thinking of our Greta, oh yes! the girl could dig. those are wonderful gifts from the crabby girls,
    Mom Linda
    Bailey & Hazel

  10. Is that a new collar I see? WOW you snagged some nice things.
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. Wow you got a lot of good stuff. I really think you look cute in your new bandana.

    Aroo to you,

  12. Oh Daisy you are so cute I would love to give you a big big hug!!
    Tell Mom that a coon or a possum are not at all dangerous unless sick with rabies!!!!!! I have been feeding them for over 25 years and in seeing them every night I have only seen one sick and it wasn't rabies it was distemper and we took that coon to the vets. They are only hungry. They are not dangerous to people but can be to little dogs like you Daisy!!!!
    I'll be glad to talk to mom about them.