Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Reading With Daisy: You Will Be My Friend!

Since this is Safety Week here in Blogville, I selected a book that addresses an issue facing many of us - not being yourself because you want to be friends with creatures you shouldn't.  I shared You Will Be My Friend with Aly and Dixie. The three of us keep trying to be friends with lizards and bunnies, but they just don't want to be friends with us.  
Peter Brown wrote and illustrated this book.  We really like the pictures that are so colorful and engaging.  
Lucy (the bear) tells her mom she is going to make a new friend.  There are so many critters in the forest, she is bound to find a friend.  She climbed up a tree to meet a giraffe.  The giraffe glared at Lucy because she was sitting in his BREAKFAST!  They did not become friends. 
Lucy tried so hard to make friends and tried acting just like the critters.  She felt so silly because she just didn't fit in with them.  I can't fly like the birds I want to be friends with, so I totally understand Lucy's predicament. 
Be aware Blogville friends - if bees invite you over, don't eat their house.  They will be mad.
Lucy finally made a friend when she stopped trying to be like others and just was herself.
You Will Be My Friend is a fun book to read and share with anyone who has trouble making friends.  I know I need to be myself and that means I might not be able to make friends with lizards and bunnies. Luckily, I do have LOTS of friends who I can be myself around!  Peter Brown has written a lot of books we love.  One book I know that will crack you up is:

Happy Reading!

Safety week is going strong here in Blogville!  Tomorrow, August 14, is the deadline to submit your pictures for my sandbox on August 16.  Here are the contestants so far for the "So You Think You Can Dig" contest:
Frankie and Ernie
Sarge, Frankie, and Ernie

If you have a digging picture, please send it to daisythescottieATgmailDOTcom by Thursday night
August 16 ~ Digging Contest
Upcoming Safety Week Classes:
August 14
Pet Fire Safety – Five Sibes  
First Aid Tips – Goose   
Hot Weather Safety – Idaho Pugs  
Pet Insurance – Bunk   
Microchipping –  Wallace and Samuel   

August 15
Search & Rescue – Bert  
Zoomie Safety – Mille and Walter   
Stormy Weather Safety – Casey and Cinderella     
Water Safety – Lily and Edward 
Pickpocket Protection –  Easy 

August 16
Picnic –   Sasha & Ruby 
DJ Rockin’ Wills –  Sweet William the Scot  
Bad Dawg Agency 
Surf Jammers concert 
ADTR Fundraiser Kissing Booth – Mona and Prissy    
Bounce House – Frankie and Ernie  
Sand Box –  Daisy 


  1. I (Sammy) have asked mom to try find this book for me. I desperately want to be friends with my sister cat,Talullah, perhaps this book will be able to help me too.
    Now about your sand box digging competition? HOW on earth did we miss it!! We're sending you a picture right now Miss Daisy!!
    BIG Licks,
    Wally & Sammy

  2. that does sound like a fun book and a good lesson to learn to just be yourself.

  3. shoot we missed the digging pictures, and our momma's camera is over at the sisters, and I and angus dug a really big hole in Alcatraz last night, we liked your book about friends and not changing yourselves, we think grown up humans should read that.
    stella rose

  4. Daisy you have the best reading list for the summer.
    OMCs you have a digging contest for your sand box. I must see if I have some
    appropriate to submit
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Daisy you are such a smarty pants reading all those books
    Lily & Edward

  6. Yep, we do that we things around here that don't want to be our pals, like snakes, frogs, rabbits and birds. Maybe we need to read that book to understand!

    Thanks for being a part of Safety Week.

    Top Cop Bites
    Hey we are not diggers, but we want to play in the sandbox, and we gots a bus for Saturday to haul everyone over to the sand box area

  7. This sounds like a really good book that a lot of people old and young should read and remember!

  8. You Will Be My Friend okie dokie I will be your friends. For good times and bad times. I'll be on your side forever That's what friends are for.
    Sorry I did not get a picture over but I am not a digger on my own but if Lee is digging I am in there with her.
    Sweet William The Scot