Friday, October 31, 2014

Happ-bee Halloween!

We hope you got lots of treats today!
Happy Halloween!
Daisy the Bumblebee����

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Walkie Wednesday

We apparently live in a spooky, haunted neighborhood right now. 
Our streets are filled with graveyards and 
skeleton weddings. 
Everyone dog knows you don't make eye contact with giant spiders. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Highland Floral Delivery for Kyla #5

Well, this is our last delivery.  I feel so lucky to honor our Kyla with all of these messages of love from Blogville!

From Princess Leah...
I just wanted to say to one beautiful Princess from another with lots of loves and lucky kisses!

Highland Floral Delivery for Kyla #4

This is the jewel of Kyla's yard.

Highland Floral Delivery for Kyla #3

Kyla just showed me another flowering cactus in her yard!

Highland Floral Delivery for Kyla #2

Look what is blooming at Kyla's house!
 I'm going to add some of those flowers to her arrangements.


Highland Floral Delivery for Kyla #1

Hello, Blogville!  It's me...Daisy!  We are in for a treat today.  We are celebrating KYLA with a day of Highland Games.  I got my tartan on and am getting ready to visit all the fun around Blogville. 
But first, I am driving all the way to Kyla's house to deliver 870000000000 floral arrangements from Blogville residents for her.  I will be making 87000 5 deliveries today.  Here's the first group...