Friday, June 13, 2014

Dear MacDui

Dear Dui,
Welcome to blogville! We hear today is the day to offer you some advice.  Scotties have a lot if wisdom. I'm just a little over a year old and have learned so much! I would like to tell you about dog play dates. You don't want to bite your friends. Bitey face is OK with Scotties, but sometimes other dogs don't like it. 
Running is so much fun. It's hard to keep up with short legs, though. Puppies have a lot of energy, right? I make obstacle courses for myself when no one wants to play with me. 
Practice adorable faces for the camera. It gets you a lot of treats.
Learn to take good gently. I'm still learning this one. Popcorn is soooooo good that I just can't help myself!
Take lots of are a growing boy! It's a lot of fun to sleep in crazy positions. 


  1. Dat are some good advice. Me and my BFF Finley do the whole bitey face thing sometimes - it always freaks our mommas out and they expect us to be bleedin, but we ain't.

  2. Thanks for the Advice. I already sleep in crazy positions and play bitey face with Roxy. It's still a week until I get my last injection...then I can go out in the BIG WORLD! Can't wait!

    XXXOOO Dui

  3. EXCELLENT ADVICE fur Little DUI. We are SURE he will take it all .

  4. Great advice Daisy! We are going to take some of this advice too!

  5. Very good advice. Also if you do it, blame the kitty next door, right?
    Lily & Edward

  6. That is such good advice, especially the naps part. That is my favorite.

    Loveys Sasha

  7. Good advise and good job using visual aids to help Dui really understand what your talking about.

    Aroo to you,

  8. Woohoo Daisy
    In one short year you have learned the meaning of life! You seem to be keeping up nicely w your buds! Naps are my favorite
    Hugs magi your bfff

  9. That's some great advice for young Dui, he has so much to learn and so much fun to have, doesn't he?

  10. FABulous advice Daisy!!! I bets Dui is writin' all this advice down so he can remember it all!!
    Ruby ♥

  11. Pawsome advice Daisy. You are so wise for one dat is so young.

  12. Excellent advice Daisy. I love popcorn too and yes gently works perfect.