Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fur Stealer

Daisy had a spa day with my parents. Here's the before...
She loves getting groomed and lays down while getting clipped!
Daisy also helps clean up...

We're thinking of the Bush family because former First Scottie Dog, Miss Beazley, crossed the bridge today. 
Daisy and I wonder if she recreated this scene when she saw Barney again! 


  1. We remember Miss Beasley biting a photographer.

    You did a good job trying to kill that broom, Daisy.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. Ya likes gettin groomed Daisy - what da what??? I hates it wif a pashun.

    We wuz very sad bout Miss Beazley - me and momma used to watch da Barney and Beazley videos on da White House website - we looked forward to da Christmassy one every year. Dey wuz such cute pups.

  3. Poor Miss Beazley ..what a sweetie she was...and love the "help"...looking very lovely now Daisy :) hugs Fozziemum xx

  4. Oh no - we hadn't heard about Miss Beazy. They will be so sad - we know they loved those doggies so much. At least you are nice and cool for the summer now :)

  5. Run Free and Fast Miss Beazley.

    WE think you look BEAUTIFUL after your grooming... WE love it TOO... the Brushing and Combing and the Buzz of the Buzzard Clippers... THAT tickles...
    THEN comes the REAL fun... the Zoomies and the Rolling and Roaching in the fresh cut grass.

  6. Hugs to Miss Beazley's pack.

    Daisy, you are beautiful and brave!

  7. I loved getting groomed too. Just gives me such a clean getting. I'm sure they were happy reunite but the Bush's are sad,

  8. Daisy, I am very impressed at you laying down while getting groomed. I get all nervous and drool all over everywhere! I know the Bush's are very sad to lose their girl.