Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Santa Barbara part 3

We went shopping at the most beautiful mall - Paseo Nuevo.  Santa Barbara is a very dog friendly town.  The stores there even put out little water dishes for the dogs!  Daisy went in a shoe store and no one said she had to stay out!  It's the perfect place for dogs to live.  Daisy wasn't phased by all the dog love from the stores.  She was thrilled there were birds to chase!

 She also nibbled from the planters as we walked by...


  1. Hi Daisy,glad to meet you, see you came by, we joined you as a google friend, not real sure how that works, but we should get notice of your posts now!

    Wow, thats a nice town and dogs are welcome, and we see you gots a fab topless car to be taken places in!

    We love having other Scottie fur pals, see you later, sweetie

    The Mad Scots

  2. Paseo Nuevo sounds like a place to shop being dog friendly. We love outside malls, We love quaint little shops.
    Sweet William The Scot