Saturday, September 14, 2013

7 Months Old

Daisy is 7 months old today!

At 7 months, Daisy-
~weighs 16 pounds
~plays with her best friends Dixie, Maggie, and Aly (they help wear her out)
~loves peanut butter in her Kong
~is afraid of black mailboxes
~thinks she's in charge
~catches moths (still no luck with flies)
~could eat watermelon all day long
~mastered "sit"
~intrigued by birds of all sizes
~discovered bunnies come in our yard (not sure about them yet)
~started playing tug of war
~is so much better in the bathtub (loves water)
~thinks she gets a baby carrot every time I open the refrigerator
~is the kissiest dog around

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