Wednesday, August 14, 2013

6 months old

Daisy is 6 months old today!

At 6 months, Daisy-
~weighs 14.5 pounds
~loves watermelon
~when she eats, she has a 'muppet mouth'
~puts her ears back when she's really happy
~found her voice
~wants on my lap when I work on her blog posts
~loves to sniff everything when we go on walks
~shakes her toys
~if she isn't by my side, she's digging in the yard
~has a thing for birds
~tries to catch flies, no luck just yet
~runs laps with a squeaky toy
~still worships Hank
~loves popcorn night
~creates tunnels through the couch cushions
 ~nicknames: dollop, Daisy Cakes, little pup, love puppy

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