Friday, June 14, 2013

4 months old

Daisy is 4 months old today!

4 month wheaten scottie
At 4 months, Daisy...
~weighs 11 pounds
~has both ears up
~lost all but 1 baby tooth in the front
~loves Hank
~finished all of her puppy shots
~chooses toys that squeak
~will sit for a cookie (working on "down")
~snuggles on the couch
~likes to investigate bees
~still falls asleep at the vet's office (and snores!)
~got her first hair cut
~has hiccups when she wakes up from a nap
~does not like the first 5 minutes of bath time
~watches TV when there are dogs on
~uses the doggie door
~loves tomatoes and carrots
~runs away with things she knows she's not supposed to have

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